The Box

Friday, February 19, 2010 at 12:12 AM

I think I can't open the box that it led me to a serious question, what this film is all about ??? I kinda lost somewhere not knowing the reason what and why ??

Cameron Diaz is Norma Lewis, a wife who got a visit by a stranger offering him a box with a button, and if she push it, he will grant her a million dollar but kill someone she doesn't know.

OK, gue hanya ngerti plotnya sampe segitu saja, jangan coba tanyakan kenapa banyak sekali karakter yang seakan memberikan clues kepada Norma dan suaminya berujung dengan keluarnya darah dari hidung mereka, atau ada banyak manusia yang berperilaku seperti robot disini ... :) sigh.

Will some one care to expalin ... :)

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